Corporate Profile

Noor Kosar Iranian Investment Company (SAKAB) was established in July 25th, 2004 as a public joint stock company under the license No. 225525 in Registration General Office, Tehran. In 2011, after the approval at the general meeting of shareholders, SAKAB was accepted and listed in IFB (Iran Fara Bourse Exchange) and 2 years later, the company was listed in Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE).

As the professional investment body of Banks Employees’Pension Fund main areas of our activities includes:

  • Investing in primary markets
  • Investing in derivatives Instruments
  • Investing in Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) and OTC market
  • Investing in Venture Capital Funds
  • Investing in Real Estate Sector and construction projects

Relying on highly qualified human capital, our main achievements include:

  • Acquiring necessary licenses from TSE
  • Acceptance in IFB as a listed company
  • Acceptance in TSE as a listed company
  • Ranked among five most productive investment companies of the country (20007-12)
  • Higher return on investments in 5 consecutive years compared to TSE Index
  • 500% growth in the value of the company’s asset